Aryan Parashar on Cerebral Palsy

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God has been kind to many of us. Instead of being grateful we never put an end to complaining. Today’s story is about Aryan, a child born with Cerebral Palsy, and an angel. He was a twin, younger than his very intelligent sister by 3 minutes, and affected by Cerebral Palsy due to a deficiency of oxygen at the time of delivery.

He came to our school at 3 years of age a little bundle of joy, who could not balance himself even when sitting in a C.P. chair. He had problems even chewing food, swallowing & drinking water. With regular therapy, both physio and speech therapy, in a few years he becomes independent in eating and drinking, sitting independently, and walking with support. Academics, even basic alphabet and counting were big problems for him. But his general awareness was good and he was very street-smart. He knew how to impress people and like Lord Krishan could enchant anyone with his beautiful smile. He could explain everything by doing gestures. He was excellent at dancing. His favourite dance was imitating the late Raj Kapoor ji in the dance “ Mera Joot ha Japani”. He had won many awards for his performances and had represented the school in many events.

Though it was not meant to be however covid took its toll and having no friends to interact with and impress, he went into depression and is no more.

Though Aryan is no more among us however his overall personality, his way of living, the way he perceived things, and his courage to deal with situations even after many physical issues inspires many of us. 

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Upasana Special school is recognized by the Department of Social Welfare, Govt of NCT of Delhi & is also registered under the PWD Act. It is a venture of Mrs. Shilpa Arora, a special educator.

Parents always asked her –‘Ma’am what will happen when my child is 18 yrs of age or above? Where will he/she go? Which school will accept him/her? What will he/she do? How will he/she pass his/her time?

And her subtle answer to them was creating Upasana special school where they provide children with special education, speech, and physiotherapy, behavioural therapy, music therapy, dance & yoga. They have a sheltered workshop where children make handicrafts and decorative items. The idea is to provide an opportunity for everyone and make them feel wanted.

How Upasana claims to differentiate is by — being the only school in the country to have implemented a novel technology- See Sound Live, that empowers hearing-impaired children to develop speech. This technology is being used with children with Moderate, Severe, and Profound hearing loss. This enables a hearing-impaired child to express what he wants to say even if he cannot hear what the other person is saying.

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