My Story

I recovered, I survived, I rebuilt…

A particular evening walk led me to realize that my body was screaming for attention. It wanted to combat a combination of rare and chronic diseases. Isaacs’ Syndrome was accompanied by Membranous glomerulonephritis, Lyme disease, and Glaucoma.

Who could have predicted it? At once, I was an alien who had entered an unknown territory. I am short of words to express the despair and dilemma, and despair felt by my close ones. I was diagnosed with a disorder that even Google hardly knew about.

With time I transformed my life much like the well-known Japanese art of Kintsugi. It means the ‘golden joinery’. The art encouraged me to be optimistic during rough patches. And simultaneously celebrate my imperfections and heal creatively. I finally, discover a more

 beautiful version of myself.

In the process, I learned to accept the situation and decided to pen down my experiences. The idea is to share my side of the story and raise public awareness. I’m glad that my articles have been widely accepted, fulfilling my dream of giving something

back to society in my little way.

Mine is a two-part story, which has made for a life of incredible learning. With an MBA in Finance, I moved up the professional ladder as an investment banker. I was often spotlighted with many awards and recognitions, all through a career spanning 13+ years. I had to quit my job as somewhere, something incredible was waiting to start.

Today, after 8 years, I feel healthier, and more independent. I am gradually trying to switch back to leading a normal life.


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