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Rachit Shah:

It was unbelievable how my doctor prescribed a single pill, once a week for the kind of diseases I have. It has been quite effective in reducing my conventional set of medicines.

Q) Dr. What is Homeopathy?

A) It is a gentle, safe, and natural system of healing. It is a field of science that involves medicines using natural sources (e.g., minerals & plants). It is environment friendly and works with one’s body to relieve symptoms. It helps restore and improve well-being.

Its effectiveness depends on the right combination and dose. It can be used in treating an extremely wide range of conditions, including mental and physical conditions.

Homeopathy is meant to trigger the body’s natural defense mechanism and functions. It works on the basic principle of “like cures like”. It means that something that brings on symptoms in a person even has the capacity in small doses to treat an illness with similar symptoms.

Q) Homeopathy uses very small doses of medicines. Do they possibly have any physiological effect? Your comments, please.

A) Homeopathic medicines are active in nature and have healing capabilities. There is much evidence available to prove it.

The small doses are of no relevance as it is known to work on the overall human mechanism, it has worked on infants, and also animals.

Q) Can we use other conventional medicines at the same time while on homeopathy?

A) Yes, it is possible to use them together.

Q) Please tell us the conditions that Homeopathy is capable of treating.

A) Homeopathy is known to treat a variety of health issues.

They have proved their efficiency in treating even chronic long-term in nature. It includes various kinds of physical and mental ailments. From allergies, viral diseases, depression, asthma, fever, infections, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, blood pressure issues, and skin allergies, to name a few.

Q) Can you talk about how the correct homeopathy remedy be found?

A) This is a strong reason why we try to understand the patient as a whole, his physical, mental, and emotional state.

As every individual is different so are his symptoms and the approach toward them. It becomes important to understand and ask questions before recommending the correct remedy.

A homeopathy doctor would probe the patient till he gets the answers. These answers would ultimately decide the right combination of medicines.

Q) Is there a way to know that I have been getting the right treatment?

A) There will eventually be an improvement in your symptoms. It is an effective way to know that the medicines are working.

You can even get periodical medical evaluations to prove the success of your treatment.

Q) Do homeopathy medicines have side effects?

A) No.

Q) Does homeopathy also have specialties who treat health conditions like conventional medicines?

A) No. A homeopathic doctor is trained to treat a variety of illnesses, common, acute, chronic etc.

The questions have been answered by:

Dr. Sunita Sampat, a retired, trained homeopathic physician. She treated many chronic patients during her practice. She took Rachit Shah’s case on request.


The views expressed above in this article are the author’s own and do not represent any kind of medical advice.

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