6 Health Reasons Why to Eat With the Sun

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This blog is another opportunity to feel grateful. Thank you, dear Universe, you continue to bless me with recovery and health.

The world of what and how we eat is extremely mysterious.

It didn’t make sense when my Ayurvedic Doctor advised eating by the clock. He categorically mentioned ‘’let there be light’’. I misunderstood his words to cut down on food and make it lighter. It was much later I followed what he meant.

Eat with the Sun, an Healthy practice for good health

Ayurveda uses diet as a principal means to create health both in the body and mind. The selection of the right food and the meal timings both are equally important. Agni or Digestive fire or Jatharagni in our body is strongest when the sun is at its peak. It is this fire that is the powerful force that nourishes our body. It provides us with the energy to not only survive but thrive. By eating the largest meal at midday, the body remains well supplied with energy. In Ayurvedic practice, it is key to promoting well-being. It believes that it has the potential to aid in the recovery from certain diseases.

In early 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Isaacs’ Syndrome. Isaacs’ is a neuromuscular health condition that stems from muscle hyperactivity. My lift post-diagnosis underwent a drastic change. In the process, I also discovered that I had Lyme disease. Lyme is a bacterial illness that gets transmitted through ticks. I was also accompanied by Glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye-related disease that damages the optic nerves. And Membranous Glomerulonephritis is a progressive kidney disease.

The repercussions were severe. Among others, I also developed complications related to my alimentary canal. I had a long list of symptoms including deficiencies, diarrhea, indigestion, and inflammation.

In my pre-diagnosis days, I lived a bachelor’s life in the busiest metropolis of India. I ate late dinners, never forced myself to have healthy food, and happily followed the happy hours. There were days when it was hard to make time to eat proper food instead grabbing a food truck burger on the way back home at night, was normal.

My body didn’t have much to complain about in those days, it started to hit me hard during my late thirties. The same routine, which was once considered normal, disrupted my life.

Post-diagnosis I was put on Western medicines. In my journey of battling a rare disease, I tried many conventional treatments. With time I realized it only catered to the underlying diseases. It only recognized my superficial symptoms.

It was essential for me to gather more information and work at a deeper level. So, I started to research more.

What we eat daily can increase our risks for certain chronic diseases. Though we take things for granted but our diet can influence the way our immune systems work. I gathered information from genuine resources and sought professional help.

While researching I found an endless stream of diet patterns. There are various expert opinions and fads. The suggestions were confusing, each trying to prove their points and sound unique. I discovered how each one had preconceived solutions to my problems even without having the slightest clue about me. As anticipated it was easy for a layman like me to get lost.

My disorders and the associated symptoms affected every facet of my health. It was medically challenging to understand given the number of complexities. Thus, I decided not to follow any recommendations or videos. Instead, visited an Ayurvedic expert to understand the age-old science better. The idea was to educate myself on how Ayurvedic practices could become the foundation of my healing.

The doctor touched base on the importance of systematic eating and our metabolic cycles. The conversation touched on some important points:

  • There exists a direct correlation between sunlight and our digestive fire.
  • With the sunlight, certain electrical impulses are transmitted. These impulses activate several processes in our body including digestion.
  • They send signals to the body to produce certain enzymes and juices that activate and are essential for digestion.
  • During mornings one feels energetic if Melatonin decreases, and insulin sensitivity increases. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal glands in the brain that prepares the body for sleep. Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar and energy absorption in the body. During evening hours, the opposite happens to prepare our body to calm down, rest, and put in a cell repair zone.
  • Exposure to the Sun is a natural source of vitamin D.
  • The body uses Vitamin D to absorb the calcium it needs to build and maintain bones.

Post adequate research and doctor discussion, the following simple amendments supported me: –

  • The first principle was, listening to my body. I had a gentler approach towards my stomach and ate when hungry.
  • I stopped over-stuffing myself with food. Not even at the cost of baked cookies filled with melted Choco chips.
  • When to eat became equally important to What I ate.
  • Preferred warm food over ice-cold foods and beverages.
  • I ate during daylight and limited my intake as the sun went down. I stopped eating too close to bedtime.
  • Preferred fresh over stale food. I remember restricting my use of refrigerators till my digestion cycle was corrected.
  • I preferred adding a list of kitchen spices to my food which helped stimulate digestion.

 Modern lifestyle has taken a big toll on our mind and body. Our reliance on artificial lighting has led to the neglect of this natural practice. Ancient wisdom still has a lot to offer that is even relevant today.

It wasn’t surprising how inculcating some healthy practices helped restore balance. It cultivated a sense of inner peace. I realized that it becomes important to get away with our preconceived biases, misconceptions, and stigmas. Also, there is no one-size-fits-all, and there is no right or wrong if it works. Till this experience, I lived with a misconception that eating disorders couldn’t take over if clinical reports were fine.

I am glad, things changed for good. I noticed a drastic transformation:

  • I saw improved digestion and a reduction in stomach bloating.
  • My energy levels were much better.
  • It helped me manage weight.
  • I was able to restore my digestive strength.
  • It strengthened my immune system and overall health.

To conclude, the importance of eating with the sun is a lost healthy art. Inculcating this practice and being aware of what and when to eat helped me recover from my rare disease. Now I don’t blindly follow my favourite food influencer as there is no one size fit for all.

I encourage readers to embrace this natural approach to eating. It might improve your health and well-being. Give this a try for a couple of days and see how you feel. The results may surprise you!


The views expressed above in this article are the author’s own and do not represent any kind of medical advice.

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