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This blog gives me another opportunity to feel grateful and thank you dear Universe: You continue to bless me with recovery and overall health. 

It was annoying when people assumed me healthier at certain sizes when there was so much going on inside me. I often had times when people congratulated me on losing weight and were curious about the secret recipe, I hope none ever has to follow the menu I did.    

Rare and Chronic Health Conditions are known to affect our mind and body in extremes and alter our identities in large ways. Extensive weight fluctuation was one such trait that remained in focus throughout my journey post getting diagnosed with Isaacs’ Syndrome (a neuromuscular condition stemming from muscle hyperactivity), accompanied by Lyme disease (a bacterial illness transmitted by ticks), Glaucoma (which damages the optic nerve), and Membranous Glomerulonephritis (a progressive kidney disease).

Post-diagnosis, when symptoms of the disease were at their peak, I was bedridden for almost 2 years with no physical activity, pain, and weakness as I had never experienced before. I had to take a handful of medicines that had severe side effects and the energy levels were limited enough to crawl through my day’s activities. The uncertainty was such that at times I would start the day on a good note, get jittery by lunch, and end the day having a bedridden dinner. Everything happened so fast that I hardly had the time to react, simultaneously, I was falling easy prey to infections with less food appetite, drastic loss in body weight, and excess inflammation in the body. My doctors got busy solving the underlying problem and prescribed medicines including painkillers, immunosuppressants, supplements, steroids, sleeping pills, etc. to manage the annoying effects of the diseases. 

Personally, my health conditions were the basis to gain and lose weight respectively and the levels periodically changed without much interference with constant high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, high cholesterol levels, breathing issues, and kidney-related issues. It was then that even the doctors raised a red flag and cautioned that managing weight could support the chronic and rare symptoms and to be honest, till then it was not even on my priority list.

It came to me as a surprise as considering my early days of fitness, never did I imagine that someday I would extensively work towards managing weight. I was told that apart from my Rare and Chronic Ailments the following factors could also play a role:

  • Genetics
  • Calorie Intake
  • Bowel movement
  • Physical activities
  • Sodium intake
  • Dehydration

As there was already a lot on my platter, I was asked to keep the following instructions in mind and aim on progress rather than perfection:

  • There is no ‘should’: therefore, maintain a weight that feels healthy.
  • Record and maintain a proper chart with Weight levels.
  • Consume Nutrient dense food.
  • Ride out food cravings.
  • Chew food properly for better digestion.
  • Walk yourself.
  • Weigh empty stomach after waking up.
  • To get access to average weight fluctuations: record the levels, in the early morning, in the afternoon, and in the night. Maintain the same time daily (this was followed for 1 month just post diagnosis).
  • Try using the same weighing scale.


Though my body did not permit me to move much due to pain, fatigue, cramps, etc. however starting slow and adding some bit of exercise helped me cope with related symptoms better by boosting the entire immune system and blood circulation, reducing backache, controlling sugar and energy levels, reducing stress and muscle stiffness. It just made me feel happier, helped the reflexes of muscles, and positively impacted my sleep patterns.

My Takeaways with Weight Fluctuation: though a number on the scale here and there does not matter, however:

  • It is not the only parameter through which one’s health could be judged.
  • My Rare and Chronic Symptoms coincided: Isaacs’ Syndrome added (muscle and weight loss), Membranous Glomerulonephritis added (loss of protein in the urine that caused malnutrition which also leads to weight loss) and Lymes added (a shift in the metabolism process that could cause weight loss).
  • The Side Effect of Medicines: certain health conditions have medicines that make it very easy to gain or lose weight. It was not in my hand while initially gaining weight due to Steroids etc. and start losing due to issues related to my kidney and digestive tract.
  • Sometimes losing or gaining is not out of choice: it just happens due to many reasons.
  • Though exercise was the last thing on my mind due to symptoms that made me weak and restricted movements however developing a suitable routine that could help reduce muscle stiffness and manage weight was helpful.
  • Typically, my food contained a balanced approach toward nutrients like fats, protein, carbs, and fiber.
  • Many a time, nothing got better with my chronic symptoms even after weight management.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for a healthy us. It surely could be a helping tool in supporting health conditions. Being overweight does not solve any purpose instead puts us at a higher risk of developing further complications.

During the course of my journey, I was prescribed various medicines and treatments across genres. Life with certain illnesses could be physically and mentally challenging however with the help of healthy practices we could find solutions that positively impact our day-to-day life and make it easier.

I strongly feel my health is of more importance than the size of my clothes. Hopefully, someday we learn to accept people’s frameworks as it is, as we never know what they are going through.


The views expressed above in this article are the author’s own and do not represent any kind of medical advice.


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