Patient Stories

Tracy on Fiber Neuropathy

Post Views: 55 Q-1) Could you briefly describe your story? A-1) I started with severe foot pain in 1998 at age 25. I underwent routine testing. It spread to my hand.  I got a diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy. Testing also revealed an adrenal condition for which I received treatment over a period of two …

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Megha on Thalassemia

Post Views: 106 My name is Megha, though I never could relate to it. It could have been anything. 🙂 I was diagnosed with Thalassemia a few months over two years, I don’t recall what I experienced at that time. The oldest memories of resistance, are of clutching the bedroom door handle tight, wearing a pink printed …

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Ramune on Polyarthritis

Post Views: 67 Q-1) Could you briefly describe your story? A-1) I was diagnosed with ‘’Polyarthritis” when I was half a year old. My right ankle doesn’t bend over and my leg is small and thin. In my country Lithuania I was second with polyarthritis. Before I was diagnosed with polyarthritis doctors thought that my …

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Paul on Poems Syndrome

Post Views: 85 Q-1) Could you briefly describe your story? A-1) Diagnosed with POEMS Syndrome in November 2021 after around a year of symptoms happening. Took around 6 months and many tests and consultations to finally get a diagnosis.  Q-2) How has the disease changed your life, in terms of diet, work, and other activities? …

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